Protect Our Water For Families, Farms and Fish

Our Water, Our Future

Our grassroots campaign depends on the support of people like you.

Help us to be the first community in the US to vote to protect our water from Nestlé and other corporate water bottlers.

Here's a list of the many ways you can help, even in just a of couple minutes!



Please sign up today as a supporter of the Hood River County Water Protection Measure.  This is an important way for us to show how many people support protecting Hood River County's water from the hands of out-of-state corporations such as Nestle. 

We’ll give you occasional updates on the latest news and opportunities as our grassroots campaign progresses, but we won’t flood your email.



We need your support to build the campaign infrastructure that we need to educate Hood River County voters about the Water Protection Measure and to dispel the misinformation that Nestle is putting out through their well-funded PR machine. 

Click here to help support important expenses ranging from campaign literature, a campaign office space and a campaign manager to our social media and web outreach. We are building an unprecedented grassroots campaign in Hood River County, but we need your help to make it possible.  



To win this campaign we will need a great team of volunteers.  We can’t compete with the bottled water industry money that will soon be flooding into our county, but with neighbors talking to neighbors and your help, we can make sure Hood River County voters know the facts and understand the importance of this campaign. 

Sign up here and let us know how you can help. We will be having volunteer informational meetings starting in October and we’ll contact you with the details.



Send an email to your friends and ask them to help us spread the word and build support for the Water Protection Measure. And don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook, and ask your friends to like us as well!

Here's an example email you can use. Try personalizing the message to help increase how many people respond.


Dear Friends: 

Please join me in supporting the a precedent-setting citizen’s ballot measure campaign in Hood River County, Oregon, that would make Hood River County the first in the US to legally protect their water supply from corporations trying to use their water for bottled water exports. Hood River citizens recently filed a ballot measure that would legally prohibit bottled water operations and exports from their county. 

Like many places in the US today, Hood River County is in an official drought, but despite that Nestle North America is planning a major new bottled water operation in the county that would make a bad situation even worse. Across the United States and the world, corporations like Nestle are pumping billions of gallons of water a year out of communities already facing major water crises and privatizing the most important public resource we have: our water. 

Please, join me and add your name to the list of people supporting this precedent-setting effort and help support Hood River County citizens' effort to take on one of the largest corporations in the world!

Thanks for your support.