Protect Our Water For Families, Farms and Fish

Our Water, Our Future


I'm excited and proud to announce that the Elections Office has certified the Water Protection Measure for the May 2016 ballot! 

Voters will get the final say on whether our county is going to let Nestlé or any other corporation literally drive away with our water.LWA_Protect_Our_Water.png

Thank you so much for your support for this important effort—what a great way to start off the New Year. 

And I can't share this news without reminding you there are less than two days left to take advantage of Oregon's $50-per-person tax credit*. We know the election will be a tough fight given Nestlé's resources, and we can't win without your help.

CONGRATS! Count Me In For $50! (directly on our website)

CONGRATS! Count Me In For $50 on Indiegogo! (and pick up a great free perk too!)

Thank you to everyone who collected signatures, made a contribution, or helped out in the myriad of other tasks that put us on the ballot! We couldn't have done it without you!

Happy New Year! 

Aurora del Val and the LWA team

 *Oregonians can subtract donations to political campaigns from their state taxes—up to $50 for individuals or $100 for couples filing jointly. Individuals with adjusted gross income over $100,000 or joint filers with combined income exceeding $200,000 do not qualify for the Oregon Political Tax Credit. Please consult your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.